?Are you happy with yourself

By: Elsa Franco

Ask these questions right now: Am I happy with myself? Am I satisfied with my life, my job, my family situation, my social condition, my friends? Do I sincerely believe that all there is around me contributes to make my life happier, or do I think that most people in my environment lie in wait, ready
to fool or hurt me? Do I appreciate what I have, believing that it is enough, or do I perceive myself in a state of lack?
Do you feel that you are always looking for something, that the circumstances in your life are never favourable enough, that your needs are not met as much as you would like to?
You are often anxious, suspicious, it seems that you never learned how to relax, and you keep complaining that things are not going your way – at least not all the time!
Why don’t you try to look at situations from a different perspective? Abandon once and for all the hill of dissatisfaction, and move up to the mountain of contentment. The view is wonderful from up there, the horizon is larger, your eye can see in all directions and is able to perceive things in a different way.
The problems that seemed like insurmountable boulders have become like pebbles that your foot can easily throw aside. They do not bother you any more, because more interesting things attract now your attention.
Dimensions have been altered: you are now capable of seeing a kind word that was spoken to you – and that you had ignored or forgotten – as a star shining in your new sky. The smile of a child, a perfectly baked cake, a tidy room, a task in your office that was carried out efficiently, a word of thanks from your husband or son, a funny joke, a fragrant cup of coffee, an unexpected green light, a friend who is punctual for an appointment: there are so many tiny things you never paid attention to!
Now you can learn to understand that they are important, that they can really help make your life more cheerful and serene. Challenges are there all right, and they must be faced. Nevertheless, instead of complaining and making a big deal out of them, start “doing” something. You will soon realize that it is not the end of the world, and that your attitude is the element able to change any situation for the better.
Attempt to minimize the negative and maximize the positive, enjoy the little pleasures your life is full of. Do not ignore them, but savour them like chocolates. The path of appreciation will take you straight to more fulfilling experiences

Exclusive for Yasser Alghaslan’s Blog

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7 responses to “?Are you happy with yourself”

  1. Janean Vear

    I just want to say I’m newbie to blogs and truly loved your web-site. Likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You actually have exceptional articles. Cheers for revealing your website.

  2. Nora

    Life is all about choices and making the best out of our mistakes. Yes some people may tend to judge you for that or think they have the right to tell you what’s best viewing it from their prospective even if they did not really take the time to get to know your true core and being…you cannot stop others from behaving in certain ways however, true wisdom lays in learning how to accept how others perceive you and understand that there is no “right” or “wrong” behavior towards you (i’m still learing that),its just how you perceive it.
    It is very easy to smile at someone who gives you praise!

    Looking at the tiniest little ant in the garden caring a grain of bread or watching the birds flying freely in the horizon towards the slumbering sun in a sky brushed by an Artist of nature is the only true joy. There is no judgment, only beauty and freedom of expression, a masterpiece of nature that holds within it magnificent mysteries not only of the world but of ones self. Not only can we rapture in these marvels of nature, we also learn to love our selves and others. Abandon judgments and hurt, for it may never free us from the limitations that we have created. So let us take time to smell the roses, the time to truly enjoy our morning coffee and just enjoy being who we are.

    Thanks Mamma & Yasser

  3. Computeryah

    Great Article

  4. فهد العتيق

    Dear mama,
    Actually we are always talking around these points me and Yasser but the problem is. Or sometime the question is when can we decide to move one more step forward for changing our life.
    I think my problem is the timing I missed a lot of the opportunities and I never toke the advantage.
    Well I am hoping to do something in near future.

    ** It is really very hard questions.

  5. Khalid M Al-Khonaini

    It’s really surprising to read Yasser Alghaslan in another language, so you know how to speak English beside Arabic and Italian/latin
    The surrounding environment nowadays is really disappointing and I don’t blame and one who would lie in wait. I failed to apply the saying of “if you don’t do the thing you love then love the thing you are doing” and it’s your challenge to turn your life to the way you like because it’s “that way or the high way”. Any how; it was a really inspiring text.

  6. فهد العتيق

    woooow mama Elsa is writing
    now I am happy honestly I did not read the article yet but let me read it and I will write my comments

    but welcome and we need more articles in the near future

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